Women United


Members will have opportunities to network with like-minded women, in diverse industries, who are business and community leaders.


Any woman who donates $250 annually (through workplace campaign or as individual)

Eligible for:

  • Quarterly personal/professional development event
  • Quarterly United Way partner agency tours
  • Donations over $250 qualify the individual donor to be recognized as a Leader United member if requested
  • Leverage the collective power of women supporting our United Way
  • Be part of a nationally recognized group of female philanthropists
  • Develop leadership and philanthropic skills alongside other well-established female leaders
  • Learn about the real needs and issues affecting our community
  • Engage in meaningful volunteer opportunities at partner agencies
  • Gain access to United Way Member Agency Executive Directors and non-profit boards
  • Serve in leadership positions on Women United committees
  • Network and build friendships with other women in the community
  • Grow personally and professionally
  • Purchase Leadership Level events as space allows


Any woman who donates $500-$999 annually (through workplace campaign or as individual)

Eligible for:

  • All benefits listed previously
  • Advocacy and leadership opportunities
  • Professional development opportunities, such as serving on the Women United Steering Committee or other United Way committees
  • Guest speaker opportunity at United Way annual dinner

 To join, please contact our office at 304-624-6337. Thank you!